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Hi! My name is Sage and I'm a comic artist just trying to make it out here. Hopefully you'll like my content! <:3c
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End of Summer 2020 Update

Posted by CorruptedCryptid - August 6th, 2020

Been a while since I posted one of these! I guess I just wanted to update everyone on here as to where I'm at and what I'm doing.

TDLR; My dumb monster comic is still happening, I just got busy with life and college stuff before, and my commissions are very open, please give me money I am hungry. Thank you to everyone who is enjoying my stuff though, I wouldn't have the confidence to keep pushing at it if I didn't have that support <3 <3 <3

-Club Lamashtu is still happening!!

The few pages I've completed I technically did for a class I was taking. However after that class was over, I didn't really have any time to produce more pages. College is hard. For those who manage to not flunk out while doing internships and extra jobs on the side, I salute you. You are far stronger than I. Anyway I graduated back in May, but since the job market for my field is a little more bleak then expected, I've been able to work more on personal projects. I've been doing the little comic strips in the mean time to get a good idea and practice on how I want the whole thing to look (ie- i'm trying to go more cartoony/exxagurated)

-Commissions are Open! (Edit: Temporarily Closed, Will Re-Open September 9th!)

As I said my confidence on getting a real job is slowly diminishing, so I'm worried about what'll happen if I don't have a stable job by the end of my grace period. So while the governemt still considers me unemployed, I think I'm gonna go ham on doing as many commissions as I can ontop of getting CL off the ground again. I would be forever grateful for any kind of support, wither that be through commissions, Patreon, or just continuing to like my dumb stuff.

Thank you to everyone who has watched me and liked by junk thus far. I'm sorry if I come off as whiny and desperate, I just love what I do but also have crippiling anxiety that will never let me rest or not worry about money/stable living situations/everything. <3