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Moving Hiatus 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by CorruptedCryptid - November 15th, 2019

Okay friendos, moving hiatus ACTIVATED

I've been cleaning and packing for like two days straight so I'm kinda late in announcing it, but YEAH TIME TO MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!

I'll continue work on my current commissions Saturday(maybe??), but work will be slow because I will be driving for most of the day! Planning to get to our new place around the 24th, but we won't get our furniture until the first week of December.. so still gonna be slow

BUT!! After we get to Seattle I will have literally all day to work on comms and junk so.. it'll still probably be faster than my work speed when I'm also doing college stuff lmao.

Wish me luck, I'll see n'y'all soon!

Edit: Day 7 of 9 of the roadtrip. Like the idiot I am, I burnt my hand with hot coffee the morning of day 1, so I haven't exactly made much progress. (I got a burn on my wrist, and a blister on the side of my hand that rests on the tablet/paper/etc when I draw.) Thankfully though I'm healed up now and will be getting straight to work when I get to the new place!! A huge huge thank you to everyone who has been waiting so patiently for me, once again your generosity saved our asses when it came to eating. My comms are still open if anyone was waiting, but I think I'll do what I did last time and just reserve the slot, and take the payment when I'm up to your spot in the queue!

Thank you again, can't wait to get back to work